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"Modexus is committed to clean, effective and environmentally sound
products in all of their current and upcoming product brands."

Product Brand Strategy

Modexus seeks to bring UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE new ideas to the marketplace. Each breakthrough released will be branded and given an identity of its own.

Lonicera Caerulea

Lonicera: A New Brand By Modexus Featuring A Suite Of Products Based On The Powerful Lonicera Caerulea Fruit.  Featuring Lonicera Longevity and Lonicera Lift.

Compensation Plan

Modexus Offers You A Simple Compensation Model To Create Supplemental Income, Full-Time Income, And Even The Potential For Financial Independence.

The Modexus Smart Pay System

 Modexus, offers you a disruptive Smart Pay System that enables you to gain access to all levels of pay without having to run through an obstacle course to get paid on it.

Modexus is relentlessly committed to clean, effective, environmentally sound products in all current and coming brands.

Purefreedom Team – Just a few things that we’re great at to help you build.

As a Member of our Team, you have access at absolutely NO COST to some of the industries best tools for your success for your Modexus business. We understand the importance of not just selecting a fantastic opportunity, but selecting the right team to work with, one dedicated to your success.


Free Professional Lead Capture Pages To Get Your Prospects Interest and Information


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Free Marketing Website for Presenting the Opportunity and Products – Works For You 24/7


Private Member area for training, updates, support and more all at your disposal anytime you need them.


The Secret of Success

Modexus was started by wildly successful entrepreneur Andrew Rinehart to help millions of people connect into a community that can assist them in improving their lives socially, physically and financially. Andrew is surrounded by a team of highly successful entrepreneurs and natural product formulators to bring the best of the best in the world of health, wellness, and human performance to this community. Andrew, his wife Jenn, and their 3 children reside in Bountiful, Utah.

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Just a handful of the product reviews coming in from those who have tried the Lonicera Lift and Lonicera Longevity products from Modexus.

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Rhonda Wagner is an online network marketing professional, and a Modexus Brand Advocate, Founder of Pure Freedom Team, and passionate about empowering others.

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